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Why to make choice of OOELA out of a plethora of English teaching on-line courses, most of which promise miraculous results for a-couple-of-week practicing?

Well, for we don't advertise learning English in sleep or by playing snooker. Far otherwise! We offer you BLOOD, TOIL & TEARS instead. Yet, no reason for despair. You will be able to speak English if you complete RED or, better still, RED & GREEN BOOK. Be tenacious enough and you are to reap the fruit of success before long.

At the end, you are to love it. And, you won't be the only one.

Knowledge is not for sale but the legacy of intelligent systems for the intelligent systems hungry of learning

The material presented here is laid down for the best advantage to every soul keen of studying the inner work of English language, certainly -  absolutely free of charge.


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